6 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba

Yaşar,lives more lives..

Yesterday was the concert Yasar in Kuruçeşme Arena. "7 climate 4 district" project has modernized them by selecting songs from all over Turkey proper. The purpose of us in our hearts to offer its own interpretation of the songs .. Consists of the local songs in the first half of the concert, consisting of 12 folk song. Regions of Azerbaijan to Sivas and Izmir,from İzmir to Marmara "Island Coast" how we went. But too many are not interested in I have heard a kind of companion Songs .. "Kağızmana Ismarladım" that the folk songs of Kars, Sivas is the song of that night, I have learned Yildizelı.When I heard master of folk music Neşet Ertaş, standing and clapped respectfully. Yasar second half of the concert, sang the most popular tracks. If we say tried to voice becomes much more accurate. Because it was clear that he was too patient. "Acıtmıyor Sevdan" excited, lamented with "Sebepsiz Fırtına" . Although the occasional sound of your ear piece even though many more wiped away the cobwebs.

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